Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bishan Park Water Playground

Went to check out the Bishan Park Water Playground yesterday morning. It was a 10-15 min walk to reach, and I wanted to kill myself for not going to my in law's place to get her Quinny Zapp Xtra. In the end, I'm the one who did a 20-30 min walk carrying a 10kg load, ugh.

I was quite surprised to see a lot of kids with their bikes when we arrived, and my first impression is that they gather every Saturday morning to do cycling together. When I neared the water playground, I realised there's actually a Bike Hike against Rotavirus going on.

How about some Happy Yogis while we wait?

The water playground was empty at first, so I wasn't really sure how to "play" it. Decided to watch a bit of the Bike Hike while waiting for kids to start playing at the water playground. After a while, P got really restless and I thought "argh, ok, let's just go into the water".

I carried P over to a slab of rock which has water gushing out from the top and placed her next to it. The water trickled over her feet and she didn't know what to make of this whole experience. She stood and look at the rock, look at her feet, look back at the rock before she finally decide to touch the trickling water. From there, the existence of mama is forgotten. She splashed her way around the rock, getting the front of her romper wet within 2 seconds. Later, I brought her over to another fountain like structure and she had great fun with that one too. Check out a video here.

The only bad thing is that the water was pretty cold to touch, and with her wet clothes and the morning breeze sweeping across the park, it seems like a recipe for immediate flu/cold. We played for about 10 min and I decided it was enough exposure to the elements. As with kids, it's not always the parents who decide when to end the game. P threw a huge tantrum when I carried her to the side to change her out of her wet clothes. I had initially wanted to change her out of her diaper too, but the struggling was too much. After the change, I realized I had forgotten to bring her wet bag and had to walk home holding her wet clothes, her sandals, and the whole of her 10kg load. What a great exercise!

The next time round, I'll be sure to come with a car (inclusive of hubby). That will make life so much easier. And it's also probably time to invest in a thermal swim wear for her.

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